About Us

Evans Painting Co. LLC is a family-owned and operated  painting company based out of Joplin Missouri. Established in 1992we started very small doing a lot of the jobs other painters didn’t want to do. We have earned our good reputation the hard way, the honest way.


We started out as a residential painting company, but through the years we have grown exponentially  and now find ourselves doing more commercial and industrial work. No matter what type of work we are doing, we are always focused on the customer’s needs and on fulfilling them with professionalism and integrity.


"This neat logo was made back in the '90s in the paint program. Kenneth has mad skills guys!"

“This neat logo was made around 1996 with the Microsoft Paint program.”



We currently work between 10-20 people full-time, depending on the time of year, and have the capability to do a variety of jobs both large and small. We seek and employ painters and drywall finishers who display and hold the same qualities and standards we pride ourselves on and we enforce a strict drug and alcohol policy. In this way (and many others) we ensure the safety of our employees and our job sites, as well as the highest quality work.


We have been in the industry long enough that we have made many connections and are able to provide more competitive pricing to our customers because we receive competitive pricing from our suppliers. 


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